Ergycon designs and manufactures wind turbines blades according to customer needs, creating durable and light articles using infusion with vacuum techniques. We offer a complete service, from the activities of prototyping to the maintenance post-installation, and the repairs of parts in composite.
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ABOUT ERGYCON small wind turbines

  • Ergycon - Conigliaro LTD
  • Via Roma, 63, 92014 - Porto Empedocle (AG)
  • Register of Companies of Agrigento - R.E.A. 191247
  • Share Capital Euro 100.000 fully paid
  • C.F. e P.I. 02565540842
  • tel/fax: +39 0922 535342

ely50 mini eolico made in italy

ELY50, the 50 kW small wind turbine Made In Italy

Designed and built entirely in Italy in the establishment of the Ergycon Conigliaro Ltd., Ely 50 represents excellence in small wind technology currently on the market. ELY50 is the first small wind turbine to be fitted with a permanent magnet generator in direct drive configuration, without the gearbox, that reaches the rated power with 45 rpm and only 8,5 m/s. The generator and the inverter are also made them in Italy and from the same Company, therefore, are perfectly setted each other and work in back to back configuration, for a perfect interaction among the parts which allows the maximum production and minimizes the dispersions . In order to make easier the entrance in the market and to make easier its eligibility are achieving the certification IEC 61400-1, for the quality of the system; IEC 61400-12, for its noise; IEC 61400-22, for the power curve: at the moment one of the best performing in the world.



  • Start Up speed 2,5 m/s
  • Power Rated 8,5 m/s
  • Maximum efficiency at 45 rpm
  • No gearbox, Direct-drive
  • Blades rotor of 20,7 m
  • Three braking systems integrated
  • Conversion System back to back configuration
  • Ultrasonic Anemometer aeroderivative


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Specifically designed for small wind and products from the same company, they work in back to back configuration, allowing to achieve maximum production and to reduce losses to a minimum. The permanent magnet synchronous generator is coupled directly to the turbine in direct-drive, without the interposition of any gearbox, increasing efficiency and reliability of the entire system. The high polarity of the generator allows the Ely50 to achieve the rated power with only 45 rpm.


The geometric parameters for the unique design of the blades of the new wind turbine small wind Ely 50, were chosen according to the characteristics determined in the design phase: low startup speed (2.5 m / s), structural strength in critical condition, silence. Their structure, composed of glass fibers, epoxy resin and carbon, and made in molds with vacuum infusion, that guarantees not only the structural strength, but also the highest precision in terms of balance and the rated power is achieved at only 8.5 m/s. Furthermore, the typical aerodynamic profile ensures a low noise level, in accordance with the IEC 61400.


The guidance systems of the blades (pitch), allow the Ely50 always get the best angle of incidence with the wind. The mechanism, designed and developed by Ergycon, allows for subtle changes in the angle and make the most of all wind regimes. Furthermore, in the absence of the network or to the achievement of the wind survival, or any default of the system, the same electromechanical control, thanks to a system of inherent safety, allows the emergency closure of the blades in position so-called "flag", so as to stop the rotations in just 8 tenths of a second.


The yaw control is handled by the PLC according to the data provided by the sensors on the nacelle. Through gear and pinion gear, constantly maintains the turbine in wind direction.



Ergycon is a company operating in the renewable energy sector by providing total service activities in the development and implementation of renewable energy plants. The company was born from the expertise of Domenico Conigliaro, manager in the renewable energy sector with qualified ten years experience both in the field, both in the areas related EPC and M & A. Supported by its team of technicians and experts, has completed several projects for the satisfaction of its customers, national and international operators. Over the past three years, Ergycon was responsible for the study and development of a new system of small wind power rating of 50 kW called Ely 50. Ely 50 is a small wind turbine entirely made by Ergycon in Italy on the design entrusted to professionist (mechanical, electronic control and sensor systems, power electronics, aerodynamics, aeronautical, experts in composites) of renowned expertise in the sector at national and international level, in line with the best technique innovations in the industry, and with suppliers of undoubted international solidity and experts in the wind industry.


The mission of Conigliaro Ltd. is to operate in the field of renewable energy, putting at the service of its clients the know-how already acquired in previous experiences and expanding their knowledge and products to new types of systems, such as in particular the small wind turbines, presenting itself to the market so as one of the few national players of quality. From our experience we can say that the small wind product, contrary to photovoltaics, requires highly skilled engineering and total knowledge and therefore the capacity to intervene at any time for the resolution of problems, for example, mechanical wear in time, that may occur. The small wind turbines system is, infact, a mechanical system in motion, subject to weathering and to high forces, and for this reason, if well maintained can be constant and lasting without having losses of system and maintain then a constancy in revenue over the years.